Stop Deforestation!

Despite the prohibitions established by the Forest Law, important farmers and real estate developers keep destroying protected forests, often with the complicity of officials. It is clear that in our country not only the economic fines are insignificant in relation to the money earned at the expense of the disappearance of our forests and jungles but also fail to discourage deforestation and the violation of the Forest Law.

Forests are life. Their destruction implies the death of thousands of species, many of them endangered; and the loss of basic resources such as food, medicine and wood. They are home of thousands of farmers and indigenous communities. They have a key role in climate regulation, maintenance of sources and flows of water and soil conservation. Possibly, they are our most important natural heritage, but also the most threatened and pillaged. Clearings and forest fires cause floods, desertification and climate change.

Clearings and intentional forest fires wipe out our last native forests, and cause increasingly damaging floods. Unfortunately, in Argentina the people who commit these crimes against nature go completely unpunished or they are only charged with a small fine. Join us so that the destruction of forests becomes a criminal offense, officials who grant clearing permits in protected areas are convicted and the responsible ones are forced to reforest.


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